Our output spans from Oscar-nominated, hard-hitting current affairs programming, to high-rating popular factual series for major international broadcasters such as BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5, Sky, Discovery, Netflix and CBS. Take a look...


Watani: My Homeland

Oscar® nominated film

Drug Lords


Operation Thai Cave Rescue

Killer Instinct with Chris Hansen

Discovery ID

Children on the Frontline

Channel 4

Interview with a Murderer

Channel 4

Slum Britain: 50 Years On

Channel 5

The Great Butterfly Adventure

BBC Four

Tsunami: 10 Years On

Smithsonian Channel

Elizabeth: Our Queen

Channel 5

One Punch Killers

Channel 5

The Wonder of Bees

BBC Four

Aftershock: Disaster in Nepal

Discovery Channel

Top Tens of Warfare


Audio Shows


Big Ben: Saving the World's Most Famous Clock

live & fast-turnaround

The Wright Stuff

Channel 5

The Great British Break-Up?

Channel 4

The Big Benefits Row

Channel 5

Channel 4's Alternative Election

Channel 4

NHS In Crisis: The Live Debate

Channel 5

Brexit: The Big Debate Live

Channel 5

Flight 370: The Missing Links

Discovery Channel

The Virgin Killer

Channel 4, A&E

Terror In The Skies: AirAsia & Beyond

Discovery Channel

Sepp Blatter Exposed: The Fall of FIFA

Channel 5

The Blair Rich Project

Channel 5

current affairs

President Trump: Can He Really Win?

Channel 4

Escape From Isis

Channel 4, ARTE, PBS

Sri Lankas Killing Fields

Channel 4

The Mad World of Donald Trump

Channel 4

Europe: The Final Debate

After The News





Channel 5


Antiques House

30 Greatest Disaster Movies

Channel 5

Triumph Games